Preferred Li Shan High Mountain Tea 150g x 1

NT$ 499 (approx. $17.82 USD)


Li Shan (Pear Mountain) -

Li shan tea-growing area: The range of tea growing area is extensive and spreading over from Hong Sian (紅香), Chunyang (春陽), Qingjing (清境), Chueifong (翠峰) and even up to the Fushoushan Farm where locates at the maximum altitude of 2600 meters and all classified as Li-shan tea production area.  Chueifong (翠峰) tea-growing area: With the benefits from the higher content of organic elements in the soil, purity of water cultivating with, long term surrounded with rich mist and clouds and the long period of growth, make the tea leaves thick and thus produce tea flavor sweet, the heavier taste of cold mines and unique fruity aroma. All bring the unique tea aspects of color, smell, taste, and sweetness. 



Product Descriptions


  • [Price]: NTD 499/150 grams (4 taels)

    [Tea species]: Oolong tea

    [Aspects]: Hemisphere shape

    [Package]: 4 taels  /150g

    [Maturity]: Raw tea - medium low

    [Tea liquid]: Honey yellow with green

    [Tealeaf Sharing]: When brewing the tea, it brings the good smell of tea, the sweetness tastes while sipping, the clear tea liquid is clear to see, and leaves some scent in the cup. Perfect for the tea-tasters like you would love a stronger aftertaste and rich mouthfeel.

  • 茶葉禮盒推薦
  • 梨山茶
  • 臻德梨山茶※ Any accessories showed in the picture are not included in the pricing of our product. 

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Weight 150 g


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