Yuchi Ruby black tea – TTES No. 18-75g*2

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TTES No. 18 is commonly known as Ruby, and the No. 18 is cultivated and improved via and planted as a hybrid of Taiwan native wild mountain tea (paternal lineage) and Burmese Assam tea (maternal lineage) in the Tea Research and Extension Station, COA. This is a unique tea species only found in the Yuchi Township in Taiwan.


When brewing the TTES No. 18, it brings the natural aroma of Cinnamon and tastes like peppermint with refreshing fragrance, which is quite unique to the taste of sweet and aromatic from the Assam tea. No. 18 now is a very popular in the market. 


For the black tea is a fully fermented tea with a few irritation, and the best method to present its unique scents and tastes is brewing with the tea-ware made of glass or porcelain. Made of the whole leafs grinding, the better tastes come with rapidly brewing. The longer the tea stored, the more delicious it tasted.











Product: Ruby black tea

Ingredient: Black tea

Net weight: 75 grams x 2 cans

Expiration date: Two years.

Effective date: as marked (AD year/month/day)

Storage method: please store in a cool place

Manufacturing place: Taiwan



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Weight 150 g


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