Handpicked Gaba tea – Drinks with low caffeine

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When talking about the Gaba tea, many people were wrongly thinking this tea variety was a new tea cultivar. In fact, the tea variety made through an improved manufacturing technique. Any Taiwan tea include Green tea, Oolong tea, JinXuan and others can generate a high level of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) when producing through the manufacturing process of “anaerobic treatment” via vacuum fermentation.


In the initial phase, the GABA tea is produced by anaerobic fermentation, then got processed by the general procedure of tea manufacturing in the order of pan-firing, rolling and desiccation. Then the GABA tea is made complete. 


Through continuous improvement contributed to the tea-manufacturing technique, GABA tea of Taiwan not only carries an aroma with fruit and honey and the tea liquid is smooth to the throat after tasting, but also brings neither irritating tastes nor bitter taste with astringency that making it taste more mellow and sweet than other ordinary teas. That’s the reason why the Japanese called it “Tea for smoothly drinking”.

Product Description

[Packaging]: 150 grams (4 taels)

[Tea species]: Oolong

[Tea liquor]: Amber color

   The taste of the tea is mild, smooth and delicious, the aftertaste is honey-sweet after drinking. This tea is brewed-resistant and brought with sweetness. 




There are also two small tea disks of handpicked Gaba tea for your choices.


※ Any accessory showed in the picture is not included in the pricing of our product. 

※ The outer package is the general version used, we may replace it with an alternative package of the same grade when out of stock. 

※ When taking the pictures showed to you, considering the water quality, brewing duration and the varied amount of tea leaves brewed are varied, the color present may differ from the actual product presents. Please take the product you receive for the standard. 

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Weight 150 g


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