Alpine Ti Kuan Yin tea from Fu Shou Mountain (75 grams x 2) – Limited listing

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The alpine tea of Tieguanyin is cultivated on a cold high mountain of the primitive tribe of Fu Shou Mountain, which is surrounded by clouds and mist all year around, the air and the soil there is very healthy and nature without being polluted makes an excellent production of fresh leaves. By the efforts contributed by the master with 30 years of experience, the great cares paid on tea making to produce tea leaves carrying with an excellent quality and rich aromas under a great environment of cultivation and to enrich the tea flavors, all make the tea tastes with natural sweetness and generate great aftertaste with multiple levels. The amount of production is not much and limited. You must not miss the tea as being a fan of good tea-taster!


Product Description~


[Aspects]: Hemisphere shape

[Packaging]: 75 grams (2 taels) x 2

[Maturity]: Raw tea with light fermentaion

[Tea liquid]: It features the special aroma filling with your nose, very clear and bright that the tea liquid present, and a nice aftertaste remaining in your mouth.












※ Any accessories showed in the picture is not included in the pricing of our product. 


※ The outer package is the general version used, it may be replaced with an alternative package of the same grade when out of stock. 


※ When taking the pictures showed to you, considering the water quality, brewing duration and the amount of tealeafs brewed are varied, the color present may be different from the actual product presents. Please take the product you actual receive for the standard. 

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Weight 150 g


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