2022 Top tribal mountain cold tea 75g*2-new tea

NT$ 1,500 (approx. $53.57 USD)


Fushoushan’s tribal mountain cold tea.

With its all year round surrounding by misty clouds and fog, combined with unpolluted soils and air, this tea produces an excellent tea flush that brings out multipul layers of flavors.

Carefully produce by tea masters with over 30 years of experience, giving it that mountain fresh kick, and natural tea sweetness so good that tea lovers like you should not miss!

Products  Introduction
Types of Tea:  Oolong tea
【Tea Appearance】:Half spherical
【Maturity】:unfermented tea(no roasted tea)
【Tea color】:The aroma is clear and translucent
, Honey yellow with green..









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Weight 150 g


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