Preferred Sun Link Sea (杉林溪) Oolong tea (manual rolling) – 150g*1

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Oolong tea from Sun Link Sea ~

Manual rolling Oolong tea

Discard automated rolling device, persist on manual rolling in each traditional procedure

With rich steam and moisture-rich mist exist in peaks, make tea endurable of soaking, bringing clear tea liquid 

The tea granules produced by manual rolling are not that pretty as the machine rolling tea granules

Product Description

[Tea species]: Oolong tea

[Package]: 4 taels  /150g

[Maturity]: Raw tea - medium low

[Tea liquid]: Honey yellow with green



Brewing Method

★ Hot brew

The first step is to rinse your tea-ware with boiling water once for sterilization and warm up your teapot and cups.

Place tea leaves into your tea-pot, with the amount of 1/4~1/5 volume of your pot (looks like a thin layer).

Pour out the first infusion after 50 seconds (roughly). And the duration for the following brewing is separate as nearly 50 seconds for the 2nd brew, 55 seconds for the 3rd brew, about 55 seconds for the 4th brew, and approximately 70 seconds is for the 5th brew.

※ We highly recommend you not to brew tea for too long that will make the tea leaves release greater amounts of tannic acid and caffeine, which might be harmful to your physical health and easy to destroy the unique aroma and tastes of teas. The information above is for reference only. Please add or reduce the tea leaves used by your personal preference.

★ Cold brew

  1. First, place some tea leaves into one pot, fill in a few cold drinking waters for washing the tea leaves, and then pour out the waters. <For a 600cc bottle: require two caps of tea leaves; you can add/reduce tea leaves just as you like. > 
  2. Fill with cold water up to 80% full bottle volume.
  3. Put the plastic bottle into your fridge. The duration for the first cold brew is 8 hours approximately. After pouring out the tea, you can fill it with cold water again for the 2nd infusion. Please wait for 24 hours (leave it overnight), then enjoy your delicious cold brewing tea. Remember not to leave the cold-brewing tea under room temperature for too long to avoid degeneration. 

Additional information

Weight 150 g

4兩, 1斤


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