Ying-xiang Oolong tea (TTES no. 20) 150g x 1

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Ying-xiang Oolong tea - TTES no. 20 is a new variety tea which is the one of popular tea varieties welcome by tea farmers in recent years because of the ease of management and control, strong growth, superior quality and the greater yields than Chin-xing oolong cultivar. 

When comparing to the Chin-Xing Oolong, which scent of tea is simple and elegant, the Ying-Xiang Oolong tea carries a stronger aroma and has a rich scent of flowers at the aftertaste. 

After brewing, its tea liquid is bright and present as honey yellow color, bringing mellow tastes with a great sweet aftertaste. This tea variety can steep multiple times and fitted for tea lovers who favor a strong tea taste. 


Product Description~

[Tea species]: Ying-Xiang Oolong tea

[Package]: 4 taels (N.W.) /1 paper can x1

[Maturity]: Raw tea - medium low

[Tea liquid]: Honey yellow with green







[Brewing Method]


★ Hot brew

The first step is to rinse your tea-ware with boiling water once for sterilization and warm up your teapot and cups.

Place tea leaves into your tea-pot, with the amount of 1/4~1/5 volume of your pot (looks like a thin layer).

Pour out the first infusion after 50 seconds (roughly). And the duration for the following brewing are separately as nearly 50 seconds for the 2nd brew, 55 seconds for the 3rd brew, about 55 seconds for the 4th brew and approximately 70 seconds is for the 5th brew.

※ We highly recommend you not to brew tea for too long that will make the tea leaves release greater amounts of tannic acid and caffeine, which might be harmful to your physical health and easy to destroy the unique aroma and tastes of teas. The information above is for reference only. Please add or reduce the tea leaves used by preferences.


★ Cold brew

  1. Place a certain amount of tea leaves into one pot, infuse a few chilly waters into the pot for rinsing tea leaves. Then pour the cold water out from the pot. 
  2. Fill with cold water up to 80% full bottle volume.
  3. Put the plastic bottle into your fridge. The duration for the first cold brew is 8 hours approximately. After pouring out the tea, you can fill with cold water again for the 2nd infusion for cold brewing. The duration for the 2nd brewing is 24 hours. After that, you can enjoy and have your delicious cold-brewing tea. Remember not to leave the cold-brewing tea at room temperature for too long to being degenerated. 


Additional information

Weight 150 g

4兩, 1斤


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