Tea brewing method

[Brewing method]

★ For hot drink:

  1. First rinse the tea pot and cups with boiling water to preheat and sterilize them.
  2. Place the tea leaves into the pot to fill about 1/4 to 1/5 of its contents. (approximately a thin layer on the bottom of the pot)

3 Pour out the initial brew in about 50 seconds, the second brew in about 50 seconds, the third in 55 seconds, the fourth in about 55 seconds, and the fifth in about 70 seconds.

※The tea should not be steeped for too long because it may release large amounts of tannic acid and caffeine. It is not good for your health and can easily decrease the unique fragrance and taste of the tea. Above is for reference only. Please increase or decrease the tea depending on your habit.★ For  cold drink:

★Cold-brewed tea

Add leaves to a bottle and fill the bottle with cold water. Make sure the leaves are rinsed before pouring out the water.

About two caps of tea leaves.

Adjust with your preference.>Fill the bottle 80% full with cold water and refrigerate the bottle for about 8 hours. The used leaves can be brewed for a second time. But it needs to be brewed for

to enjoy the great tasting cold-brewed tea.

The tea is not recommended to be preserved in room temperature. Otherwise it might deteriorate.

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