Winter SproutInt Introduction

The Winter Sprout is also called winter second harvest which is new sprouts grew after the winter tea harvested. For the speed of growing of Winter Sprout is much slower than other seasons, the buds and sprouts are thus smaller and the yield is less accordingly. For the reasons make little difference with winter tea. Within the comparative taste of less astringency which is aroused by the higher content of amino acids and carbohydrates which are accumulated in tea buds and sprouts grew under the cold weather and exposed to weak and less sunshine with rapidly fell temperature from day and night all make the Winter Sprout famous and gather many tea fans. With the use of superior skill of producing and bake in Taiwan, the tea soup is presented with the color of brightness and clearness, the delicate aroma of unique flower fragrance and cold frosting spread out, the flavor of smooth and malty without any astringency all make Winter Sprout become one of the special tea varieties in Taiwan.

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